And now, it is done…

At least for now. At least for the sake of Dr. Petrik's gradebook. You can see my final assignment, "Santa Anna Goes to Washington." There is still more that I would like to do. In spite of Geoff and Sheri's helpful advice, I never got around to learning how to make an image map. So, my map is … Continue reading

Final Project Revision

Based on comments from everyone last week, I've gone back and revised my final project. A lot. Perhaps it's not a bad thing that my wife is gone for the next week at the American Association of Museums conference in Minneapolis. At least, I've been revising the design. At first, I was reluctant … Continue reading

Preliminary final project

My preliminary final project is live:¬† I feel like it's coming along. It's coming along a bit more slowly than I had hoped, but it is coming along. Thus far I've found working with Omeka both challenging and … Continue reading

Starting to bring it together

At the end of last semester, Dr. Leon asked us to comment on a general prompt: What difference does new media make to doing history? After a course that had some hands-on elements combined with a lot of exploration of what others have done (and even some new media theory), we all commented that it … Continue reading