That is about how CRUD is making me feel at the moment. Creating my data entry form continues to vex me this week.

I am feeling more caught up, overall. I’ve created my listing page, albeit with still non-functional links. Here is the code. However, I still need to figure out–if it is possible–how to list the multiple people with each case, rather than how it is listed now. Is it?

I also created my query page, with a few queries coded in. Here’s the code for that.

I’ve even managed to get my listing page and my query page into a pretty format in WordPress.

But CRUD… Making my full data entry form is what has vexed me. I’ve been able to do a simple one–one that works, one that inputs basic information. But taking that and making it into something larger–and more useful for my purposes–is what’s getting me. I’ve gone through Megan and Sasha‘s forms and posts, but am still having trouble.

Here is the code of where I am so far, knowing that I still need to get in some parts. Perhaps it’s the complexity. I’m getting inputs for 37 variables here. I started with baby steps–putting in all of the variables, trying to get the renderForm function, trying to get the menus, working on the ending functions. Perhaps the number of variables is what’s getting me here, and what I’m asking this form to do. I’m not sure. I can’t get it to run yet, though, so am having a hard time debugging.

So that’s where I am at the moment, before class. If anyone has any thoughts about whether I’m on the right track, and whether I should start off with a simpler form–not being so ambitious as to try to get almost all of my variables covered (there are even more not covered in here)… Well, I’m all ears.

I should add that I realize I haven’t gotten to all of the bottom parts, and that’s perhaps why it’s not running yet. Still learning how to get it to work…

In the meanwhile, I’ll look forward to learning more with Java tomorrow night. And sit back knowing that my presentations are done… 🙂

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