Based on comments from everyone last week, I’ve gone back and revised my final project. A lot. Perhaps it’s not a bad thing that my wife is gone for the next week at the American Association of Museums conference in Minneapolis.

At least, I’ve been revising the design. At first, I was reluctant to depart too far from the Omeka template. Now that I have, though, I’m happier with the result. I made the header and footer fit within the center, rather than take up the whole screen. I also used the border-radius command in the CSS to round out the edges of each of those portions.

I also took Santa Anna out of the header image itself, and placed a different picture of him–in civilian clothing (taken from an 1850 book)–floating over the header map and the primary navigation bar. I chose this particular image because he would have traveled in civilian clothing, not his uniform. Also, it depicts Santa Anna as a younger man (he was 42 at the time of the journey) than any other images that I could find. His look in this image is comparable to that in the previous image of him in a military uniform.

Because I changed the overall color scheme, I also got rid of the color filter for the header map. Instead, I simply lightened the map quite a bit from the original, and changed the color of the route.

Perhaps the largest change, though, is how I got rid of the borders, and indeed the left and right colors. Now the entire background is a lighter version of the faded yellow that I used before. In the end, I’m happy with this change. The bold color on the sides distracted from the content. I hope, however, that this has kept its 19th-century feel.

The lack of borders made the secondary navigation more difficult. After first removing the bottom borders and experimenting with, essentially, buttons, I simply made the secondary navigation into a list, with the active page highlighted the same way the active section is in the main navigation.

So, this is where I am at this point. Please feel free to give me your thoughts! I’m always looking for feedback.

And now, on to putting in more of the content. I also need to figure out skip nav in Omeka. And add an about page…

2 Thoughts to “Final Project Revision”

  1. Geoff


    I really like the changes you made, it looks a lot cleaner. While the overall design is very modern, it had touches of period that make clear the site’s historical nature. The color scheme is really nice and I like the header image better, particularly the fact that Santa Anna bleeds into the content. It’s really nice to see fewer bold colors, they don’t overwhelm the eye. Everything still looks aligned properly. There’s also a nice level of consistency between all the pages.

    Most of my criticisms you’re probably already aware of and will be addressing in the coming days. The content box is not aligned with the header or footer. Not all your images have captions and it appears some pages are missing images (the Washington page). I was reading your the text on your home page and I know that Dr. Petrik mentioned changing the “Welcome” header… how about to “Welcoming the Enemy?” Meh. Or not.

    I really like your site.


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