David Patrick McKenzie

Digital Public Historian

Portfolio site…

Is live. You can see it at: http://davidmckenzie.info/portfolio (link updated 2-7-12). Here is the assignment.

It’s still very preliminary, so any suggestions are most appreciated. I’m sure it will change through the semester as I learn more about, you know, how to be a digital historian (versus what I’ve done so far, talking about being a digital historian).

As you can see, I’ve used the same map that I use in the header here. The background color in the header and footer comes from the WordPress theme Quintus, the same I used (in modified form) for this blog.

I created the page from a Dreamweaver template. The main difficulty was putting in the menu bar, but after many hours of trying, I got it to work (yes, I’m obsessive that way). Because I’m dealing mostly with 18th- and 19th-century material, I went for a more traditional look, albeit with some sans-serif fonts for accent. I had the same consideration when choosing my WordPress theme, and so used the similar look.

So, here it is thus far. Please feel free to comment!



  1. Oh wow! That looks great. That menu bar is amazing, and I love the way you’ve laid it over your map image/logo. Kudos not only for attempting such a feat, but for pulling it off quite impressively!

  2. Good job on the patience for your menu bar— I tried the same format menu bar after and abandoned it after a period of frustrating code mishaps. It looks great!

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